Experience the
mountain autumn.

When the summer heat goes, the autumn air comes: fresh and cool it blows around our noses and makes us want to go on excursions and hikes. And there is hardly any other place where this can be done better than here in the Zillertal. The golden autumn season is ideal for venturing into activities for which it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. And if it does get a little chilly in the evening, snuggle up in our flats and enjoy the panorama with a cup of tea.

7 reasons
for your
autumn holiday with us:

Best hiking weather

When the air is no longer shimmering with heat in autumn, it is the best time for hiking. Because then the view is boundless - and the temperatures are just right for storming the highest peaks. Fortunately, there are plenty of them to climb around our flats.

Autumn delights

After the summer sun has done its work, it's time to harvest its fruits! And you can best enjoy them in the inns and restaurants of the Zillertal or at one of the traditional culinary festivals where you can taste your way through the variety of flavours.

Wonderful golfing time

The green of the trees may disappear in autumn, but the green on the golf course will remain for quite a while. The ideal opportunity, therefore, to swing the club and improve your handicap! Just a few kilometres south of our flats, the well-known Zillertal-Uderns Golf Club awaits your visit.

Wellness and relaxation

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder. In the Zillertal this is a clear sign for the start of the thermal season! In the thermal baths and spas of the Zillertal, immerse yourself in the comforting warmth of the thermal water and enjoy stimulating infusions in the sauna.

Calm and serenity

Outside the high season, things are a little more relaxed here in the Zillertal. Those seeking peace and quiet and wellness lovers especially enjoy this time without hustle and bustle.

The first downhill

The hospitality of the Tyroleans is widely known and highly appreciated and one of the many reasons why so many holidaymakers are drawn to the country every year.

Cool bike tours

Another thing that autumn is perfect for: Long tours by bike, mountain bike or e-bike. Without the summer heat, but with plenty of space to slow down, it's wonderful to pedal. And before and after the tour, your bike stays safely stowed away in our flat.

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